House Of Blues EP Release 7.13.14 Show Rehearsal



Had my first rehearsal with the band last night for the HOB show on July 13 and it was cooking! It was so cool to sing the songs off of Illumino in a live setting, albeit a rehearsal hall, and hear them come to life. It’s always interesting to see what songs come to life in a live setting. It’s usually the ones that you don’t think will translate. We were all pretty happy with the rehearsal and are going to meet again next week. We will be playing all of the songs off of Illumino as well as two songs that I have recorded already for the next EP. I do tend to keep busy. Those songs are called, No Good For You and Lay My Head To Rest. We are also going to play a song that I will probably release as a single later this year called, Ten Miles Deep. We are going to round out the set with some really cool, obscure covers that I shall not give away. You must attend to know. Please spread the word about the show and about the EP. Visit to purchase a physical EP for only $5.99. It will be mailed to your door. Love you all!!! Blessings!!!!

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